Keeping Your Information Safe

Publish Date: 
Fri, 2014-06-06

Bill Express wants all our customers to feel safe with us and to know that all your account and other information is secure. Digital security in particular is very important to us and we want to assure you that all our systems are designed for maximum risks.

Your best protection, of course, is yourself. So we advise all our customers to do what is necessary to safeguard and protect your information.

We sincerely hope the following tips can help you stay out of harms way and maintain the integrity of your personal and business information.

Cautionary Tips

  1. Store all your paper documents in a safe place and put a password entry to all your digital documents.
  2. Do not divulge your account information with anyone not directly linked to it.
  3. Use a shredder to destroy paper documents and cut any old credit or debit cards with a scissor.
  4. When transaction business at a Bill Express counter be aware of those who may be observing you too closely.

Computer Security Tips

  1. Keep your computer password protected.
  2. Do not use public Wi-Fi to conduct financial business
  3. Do not use other people’s computers to conduct electronic transactions.

Email and Online Banking Tips

  1. Never send your personal or financial information to anyone requesting such by email.
  2. E-mail scams abound so please be selective in what you download and whom you send information to.
  3. Protect your information in your computer with a strong password that mixes numbers and upper and lower case.
  4. Avoid using your birth dates, children’s, parents’ or spouses’ names as passwords.
  5. Change your passwords regularly.
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