Bill Express, a product offered by GraceKennedy Money Services, GKMS, was established in the year 2000.  This service complements other products offered by GKMS which include Western Union (Money Transfer) and FX Trader (Cambio).

Bill Express offers bill payment services through a network of operators in seven Caribbean islands: Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, St. Lucia, Grenada and Dominica and Jamaica.

Customers worldwide can also make bill payments to multiple billers easily and conveniently, by accessing the company’s website at www.billexpressonline.com. 

The technology provided by the company allows the following:
• Validation of customer information against a database of legitimate accounts provided by the utility companies, to minimise the possibility of input errors
• Ready availability of bill balances based on information provided by the utility companies
• Provision for payment by credit and debit cards at select locations
• Facilities for making payments in other areas including cable, Internet, school fees, and  insurance premiums

With customer convenience in mind, Bill Express has established an extensive and diversified network of payment locations, including supermarkets, service stations, pharmacies and other retail outlets. These locations offer extended opening hours daily, including Saturdays, and in some cases, Sundays. 

Bill Express also allows Jamaicans living in the USA and Canada to pay select bills (utility and non-utility) here at home, from any Western Union location. Accounts are updated within 1 working day.

Bill Express is committed to providing the most convenient and reliable bill payment options in the Caribbean.